The IGL Toolkit

Developing learning as a bridge between generations:
The Intergenerational Learning Toolkit

This page presents the intergenerational learning toolkit. The purpose of this toolkit is to help organizations maintain and develop capacity by utilizing the knowledge and capabilities of the different generations in the workforce. The toolkit offers a variety of interventions and workshops to enhance and stimulate learning between the generations (IGL).

The toolkit consists of two phases.

Phase 1 – Building awareness for IGL

The first phase of the Toolkit describes Stakeholder Awareness Programs (StAPs). It is a design for a program geared towards raising awareness of the concept of generations and the possibilities of IGL.

In order to determine which are the most suitable tools for your organization, our research has shown that it is beneficial first to diagnose the level of awareness of your organization in regards to intergenerational learning.

Part of StAPs is a web-based serious game to raise awareness regarding the benefits of intergenerational learning among employees. Click here to play the game.

Download zip-file for building an awareness program

Phase 2 – Doing IGL

The second phase of the Toolkit helps to actually organize IGL through various workshops and methodologies such as knowledge capturing and intergenerational innovative teams. This is called the DIGL (Doing IGL).

Overview of DIGL tools

Download zip-file for DIGL here!